Today we are living in turbulence and chaotic times where the rise of injustice surrounding us becomes more and more pervasive. From the rise of racism, intolerance, the perpetuation of social and economic inequalities in the society, the forces of neoliberal ideology, these lead us to question the roles of research in higher education. Very often research in higher education is situated in a vacuum, unable to respond to all these issues. The robust economic models within higher education have made research merely as a vehicle to improve the economic development of a country. While economic growth is indeed essential, yet it should not make researchers overlook social justice issues. The purpose of this conference is to allow us to rethink and reconceptualize the roles of research. What are the main objectives of any research process and to what extent a research should negotiate and include issues of social justice? 

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline10 August 2018 (Second Round)
Notification of Abstract Acceptance15 August 2018
Payment Deadline10 September 2018
Deadlines of Fullpaper Submission September 2018
SEMINAR DAY30 October 2018

Theme / Scope

  • Power Relations within Research
  • Researching Gender and Marginalized Group
  • Social Inequalities in Society
  • Re-Conceptualizing the Epistemological Foundation of Research
  • Science Research for Social Justice
  • Hegemonic Discourses on Research
  • Redefining the Notion of Social Justice
  • Scinece Technology for Social Justice and Welfare
  • Education for Social Justice
  • Culture and Social Justice
  • Spatial Justice


Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. L.J. Slikkerveer

Leiden University

Prof. Dr. Bunyamin Maftuh, M.A.

Director of Human Resources' Career and Competencies Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia

Prof. Lyn Parker

University of Western Australia

Tutin Aryanti, M.T., Ph.D.

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dr. Alicia Izharuddin

University of Malaya - Malaysia